Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Nests.

I have been making these Easter nests with work charges and more recently with Ted for years.
I am not an especially brand conscience person, but for these I make an exception!

You need
Cadburys chocolate
Cadburys mini eggs
Shredded wheat.

(and if you have a 6 yr old with you, some fluffy chicks too!)

Break up the shredded wheat into small stick like pieces, melt the chocolate, stir them together and spoon into cake cases. Add a few mini eggs to each.

Ta da.

They are delicious.

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  1. We tried this idea with our kids and it was amazing. We didn't quite celebrate with Easter nests, but we did have digestive biscuits and mini eggs - yum! We had all sorts of decorations ranging from the fluffy chicks and mini eggs to edible glitter and icing. It was truly messy but loads of fun! Great idea.