Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Turn off the TV and go and do Something Less Boring Instead........

Now, that line is from a TV programme from my childhood - to be fair, it was obviously in an era when children were out playing a lot more and inside a lot less. It was a strange show, but did come up with some ideas to fill the school holidays.

As a general rule, watching TV is dull. I know millions of children would disagree with me, and probably most of their parents as well. But it is.

As a nanny, and a parent, I am reasonably obsessed with healthy eating, fresh air and no television (or very minimal).
I remember many people saying to me that 'when you have your own children you will let them watch tv just like the rest of us'. Well, yes I do. My boy watches TV roughly once a fortnight - we choose a film and watch it together on a Saturday afternoon.

But, what all my charges and children have had, is plenty of scope for outside play. Yes, we live in England, yes it is wet, but yes, you can get waterproof & warm clothes, and then go off and explore.

The past couple of years the National Trust have been running a '50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4' campaign. It is great. Full of inspiration to get children outside, climbing, rolling, mud pie making. Most of the activities can be done anywhere (with no expense), most of them involve you getting mucky, and all of them are fun. Some National Trust properties hold events where you can go along and do some of the activites - though you may need to pay an admission charge for this.

So, Spring is in the air, wrap up warmly and go out and explore - and here are just a few ideas from the National Trust 50 things booklet.........
Climb a tree.
Roll down a really big hill.
Run around in the rain.
Make a mud slide.
Climb a huge hill.
Find some frogspawn.
Set up a snail race.

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